Character Contest


  • You must have a rank of level 3 or above.
  • You put you name (using Heading 3) and your character name below it. Put the character's history, personality, equipment etc. Treat it like you would a claim. (If you win you have to make the character, although even if you don't win and have spaces left for characters you may still make them)
  • The team will change every month, rotating between Hero and Villian
  • For those who don't win, do need to put their character through regular claiming in order for it to be approved.


  • Three judges will vote on which user had the best character background and that character will be featured on the front page.
  • The winning user will get a special template to put on their user page and character page, they will also be allowed to consider the new character a minor character instead of major, but only the winning user, the others if they choose to keep the character will be a major character.

March Contest Entries - Big Hero 6Edit