Matt Match
Speech Teacher
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Matt was born to two human parents in Paris, France. They didn't know about his parents at first, they just thought he was deaf due to him never hearing what they said but hte truth was that he was hte one who silenced them. He then started to sneak around the house. At first it was just stealing from the cookie jar then it slowly became more and more serious kinda of stunts. When he was 15 he snuck out of the house for the last time. That night his parents locked him out of the house. They were sick of him doing god knows what on the streets at night. So he resided to the streets of Paris while finishing his high school degree. Once he was done he took the first boat to america, "Land of the Free", where he stumbled upon Xaivers Institute. Due to Matt being to old to enroll he was offered a teachers job. He gladly accepted and now teaches Speech there.

Speech Teacher
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born January 30, 1985
Family N/A
Status Alive, Single
Eye Colour Amber
Hair Colour Blonde
Height 5'6"
Affiliation Xaiver's Institute
Weapons N/A
Home The Institute
Missions -



He is a fun guy who will always postitive. He loves sneaking around and stuff.

Relationships & Life at CampEdit








As a Mutant Matt can:

  • Prevent other people from hearing him.
  • He can 'mute' someone where no one can hear them talking, except them.