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Hello. It's been determined that you want to get outside. That you want to go around town for more than Pizza. Well, have no fear, this is your chance. You too will be able to deliver concussions, bruises, and bloody knuckles to evil villains (or good heroes, as the case may be). Since the world won't allow you to have hatred for the universe at large, you should format your information so that there's one main Antagonist. All you have to do is consult the Timebroker. He'll ask you the following so you'd better have answers prepared, lest you be vaporized on the spot:

Mission name: Not to important, but it helps us recognize which mission is which

Crisis/Problem: This is whats is wrong. You need this, because otherwise, there would be no reason for the mission

Summary: A brief summary of what happens. This is so the moderator can just move things along instead of having to make up what happens. NOTE: If you use this knowledge, but your character doesn't have it, it will be considered OP, and there will be consequences.

Antagonist: Briefly describe your antagonist here, as well as his powers.

Other: Other stuff the moderator needs to know.