Gore Days
Oracle of Dodona's Apprentice
(This Character Belongs to Lowdy345)



Gore has always been a sad kinda depressed guy. He never has been a very social guy.


Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born -
Family -
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Black
Height 6'3"
Affiliation The Oracles' Cave
Weapons -
Home [[The Oracles' Cave
Powers Prophecy Tellings
Enemies -



Gore was the second born child of Hannah Days, demigod child of Hades. Her first born was a child of Apollo. He was always the favorite. Gore, being born by Hannah's ex-boyfriend, was disliked. He only had friends on the street, where he lived during the day. One day, when he was 12 and his brother was 13, monsters attacked. The first monster, a sphinx, wasn't any trouble due to Hannah's training. When it caught up to him and his brother on the way to school it was a miracle that his mother was there. More and more monsters then came. Smelling both Hannah and her son attracted them. Unfortunately for Gore, the monsters could smell the two demigods so he was endangered. So, when the monsters came again, this time a Minotaur, they went for Gore. Gore and his brother were on their way to work at the time. Unlike most Gore and his brother saw it clearly for what they were. He could see through the mist. He was terrified so he ran home barley making it before the Minotaur got at him. His mother was prepared at home she fought him before she was critically injured. Then Gore's brother went to fighting. He died within seconds. The Minotaur started coming towards Gore when he was attacked by his mother. Her mother stabbed him with a celestial bronze spear. The beast then was defeated. His mother on her dying breath told Gore that she loved him. All of a sudden, a satyr came out as his mother took her last breath. Gore set there and cried, not having the energy to call the cops. He sat there, tears rolling down his cheek. After about 10 minutes or so when Donwalk Underbrush ran in. He was obviously too late. He then noticed that Gore wasn't a demigod, but did notice that he could see through the mist. So he was taken to an orphanage. There he grew up some until he was visited by Apollo.





  • As an Oracles' Apprentice he can tell prophecy's