Rextinitus Cloudous
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Rex was made by the Genetics Councils old member. He was made to be the most powerful of them all, the power to control heat, and coolness. When he was first made he was taken to earth as a training type thing. There he took many classes in Martial Arts, Piano Playing, etc. He made many friends on earth. His foster parents weren't aware of his powers. One day on his 9th grade football team he got mad when his coach pulled him out. The heat there increased drastically. 5 boys died of a heat stroke another 15 people were rushed to the hospital. After that the Council had to call him back. He was raised by Triton where he learned the ways of the Inhumans. Now Black Bolt is dead and Rex is in his prime, he takes over as their leader.

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Family -
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue

Hair Colour White
Height 5'7"
Affiliation Inhumans
Weapons -
Home Atillan

Powers He can increase the temperature

He can decrease the temperature

Enemies -




He is a kind guy who will stand up for what he belives in. He dosen't talk much, like the old leader, Black Bolt. He will put his family before anything in life.




When Rex is using cold he has white spiky hair. When he is using heat his hair goes down to his shoulders and turns red. His cheeks are white when he uses cold opposed to his cheeks being red when he using fire. The heat and the cold don't affect his body tempature.