Name:Richard 'Ricky' Walters

Abilities: He can turn himself into water along with hydrokinisis

History: Richard was the first born of the three children Psionic had with Nataile Walters. Psionics name was unknown to them all the family members, Ricky wanted to follow in his footsteps, he honered him. He was little when his father left him and it always left hate down in his soul, for everyone. When his brohter was born, he always loved him. One day a kid was picking on him so Ricky tied him to a tree and his parents found him a day later. Then Lily came along. He loved her even more. He loved the way she was always so happy with anything that happened. One day his father finnaly came around for his children. He came in and told them of the storys of his adventures, and of how he was a villian. Ricky hated the idea, he wanted to keep his brother and sister safe. So he tried to tell them that their father was a jerk, not a hero. Then Ricky's dad told them that he wouldn't hesitate to kill them in the heat of battle. Right away Mac was ready to join, but Ricky stopped him. Once their father left Ricky went up stairs to sleep for the night, and that night Mac ran away. Ricky was devastated and he had no idea where he went so Ricky waited. Ricky went downstairs pne day and Charels X was there. He presented them with gifts, he gave Ricky a trident to use. The trident wouldn't ever get lost, if it was thrown it would come back to him. Then Mac came home. He yelled at Ricky and said "We were born to be Villians so quit trying to be the Hero." Those words stuck to him like glue. So he left. He couldn't stand it anymore. So once he left he found a group known as Weapon X. He was more liked caught by them, they done an expirment on him. One that hasn't been tried before, they noticed his hydrokinisis so they decided to try something else. They used a weird element to mix his blood with water, they made the blood be replaced by the water. It was a great sucess for the project, one of the side affects is that he never ever could go a day without going into the water so his 'blood/water' could remake itself. Then he found The New Warrors.

Apperence: see pictures