Brother of Joan
(This Character Belongs to Jenna Fraen)



Bess, the head turning Iris Nymph. She loved Irises, and she always wore one in her hair. Every camper, satyr, and even a few nymphs lusted after her. She was beautiful, and the love god knew that. Eros was stuck with a girl he married years ago, and he didn't see much point considering the fact he didn't 'love' her anymore... and he knew EVERYTHING about love. He knew, from the moment he saw Bess, that she radiated love. So he had to have her. After a few months flirting non stop with her, Eros finally got his wish, but that isn't all he got. Bess ended up pregnant. Eros left, the love had run out, and he went looking for someone else. Bess was alone, everyone was scared of her. After her being one of Eros' lovers, they didn't want to mess with her. All but one satyr. The satyr, Thorn, still loved her. So when Joan was born a love nymph, Thorn offered his help, in whatever way he could. Soon Bess was once again pregnant, this time with a satyr. When Ross was born he played with his sister at the forest in camp. From Hide-n-seek to Ispy, they played 'em all. Ross was a great satyr. He found many demigods, and Joan has given much relationship advice. When Bess and Thorn died, together, Ross and Joan were alone. They mourned for years, and now they are over it and back to work at camp.

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Family Bess and Thorn (Parents)
Joan (Sister)
Status Alive
Eye Colour Black/Brown

Hair Colour Black
Height ...
Affiliation Camp Half-Blood
Weapons Reed Pipes
Home Forest
Species Satyr
Quests -




Ross is kind and gentle, yet sometimes finds himself having a hard time having a full conversation. He has a fairly weak will, though, and unfortunately succumbs easily to fear. But despite this he believes in the write thing, even though he might now say it very loudly. He likes ska and alternative rock, and listens to it a lot.



Ross has black hair and dark eyes. He's tall and a bit gangly, and he wears plugs in his ears. He likes to listen to music on his iPod and sometimes won't hear you because he's listening to music. He appears 17, but due to the satyr aging thing he's older. Joan has long, flowing, blonde hair, and blue eyes.



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