Zane Castle

Lt. of The Sinister Circle
(This Character Belongs to Lowdy345)


Zane was born in a High School Bathroom and dumped in a trashcan. One of the teachers found him. The mother was still unknown. Zane was taken straight to the Child Services. They found him a home... at a small, rundown, rough, orphanage. There he was picked on by the other, bigger kids. One day he was running away from all the bigger kids and ran into the attic. Up there he stayed for almost a day. While up there, he searched the trunks up there. He was looking in one of them and he couldn't get it open. It had a kind of code thing on it. He tucked the box in his pocket and went out, looking for food. After he found some food and ate he ran up to his room. There he worked on the code. He used a trial and error method. After the sun was shining throught the window he found it out. He slowly put the code in. He lifted up the lid and light blinded him immeaditly. He couldn't see for a week. The box self destructed and then, as he started to be able to see, he was able to do different 'things.' It started with Telescopic Vision, then Night Vision, then Heat Vision, X-Ray Vision, and Accelerated Vision started to develop. Zane wasn't being picked on anymore. He was rulling the orphanage. Once he reached age, he was offered to go to a college in NYC on a skeet shooting scholarship (which he accelled at due to Accelerated Vision.) After that he found the Sinisters, they seemed perfect. Picking on people, that is what he done best...

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born 14 February 1988
Family< -
Status Alive
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Blonde
Height 6' 4"
Affiliation The Sinister Circle
Weapons -
Home NYC
Friends/Allies -
Enemies -
Quests -









In result to opening 'Pandora's Box' Zane gained the power of:

  • Ability to see clearly in darkness.
  • Ability to see through solid matter.
  • Ability to burn objects with one's gaze.
  • Ability to see and process sensory information with superhuman speed; allowing one to see fast-moving objects in slow motion.