Member of the Young Avengers
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Well, his history is unknown to himself but I will tell it to you. He was born on February 14, 1996 by two scientists who were devoted to their work more then their family. They didn't mean to have a child but when they did they never had time for him. The mother still took care of him, to the scientist he was a lab rat. The two scientist were working on bending the space time continuum. When they were ready they tested their baby on the machine. It worked and the baby was sent 15 feet away, not exactly what they wanted but they worked on it some more and then they tried it again, this time they sent the baby upstairs. They were excited and eager so once the baby was 9 they done the same test, it wasn't a success this time, the machine blew up. The parents worked for weeks to salvage all the parts, but they forgot about Zero. Zero was in NYC, Miles from the Virginia lab. So the time machine worked, what about the parents? Well that is another story. Once Zero came to consciousness nothing came to his mind, zero. So he done what humans first instinct was. To get Food and Water. He stole from a hobo who was resting in central park. The hobo was mad and almost attacked the kid, tell he noticed that it was a kid. The man remembered his child hood and how rough it was so he took this kid under his wing. The kid was raised up on the streets till he was 15, he left to seek something more. He knew about his powers but not how to control them. Zero kept on concentraiting on his powers. He could go through walls but not much after that. So that is how he lived. Wall after wall till one day he went through the wrong wall. Behind this wall was a gray headed man. He is the one who helped Zero the most. He has almost learned to jump from LA to NY, he is working on it.

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born February 14,1997
Family Two unknown Scientists
Status Alive, 15
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Blonde
Height 5'4
Affiliation Young Avengers
Powers Teleportation
Home New York City
Missions -



He is queit and can blend in anywhere. He can fit in so he would be good for under cover work. He doesn't really excel in social skills.



Zero has blue eyes with blonde hair. Zero's hair is usally under a hood. Zero will wear shoes, jeans, and a hood wherever he goes.



*I can teleport over long distances.



*Maria Boulet -On the Young Avengers with me, she seems nice. </center>